Manufacturing Data & Information Management

Explore the best ways to gather data, visualise it for quick analysis and turn it into actionable intelligence.

The key is to turn data into ‘Actionable Information’. It should be accurate, easy to understand and visual. By having data automatically presented in an easy to read format ensures that the value added time is spent on identifying and implementing actions to address the areas of concern.
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  • Lean Basics
    Follow the Lean methodology to eliminate the various types of waste and shorten lead times.

  • Line Balance Optimisation
    Maximise output at the critical machine by reducing the impact of machine stoppages.

  • 5S Roadmap
    Create a high performance workplace - the basis for improvement programmes.

  • SMED Optimisation
    SMED is a process for effectively reducing the time it takes to change the parts on a machine.

  • SOPs & OPL
    Standard Operating Procedures and One Point Lessons standardize processes.

  • Line Crew Optimisation
    Balance between maximum efficiency (OEE) and labour cost/quality.

Operational Excellence & Lean Manufacturing

Knowing how to continuously keep on improving is essential to the success of the organisation. Apply the relevant Operational Excellence tools and techniques to transform your organisation and make it more efficient.
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Management Tools

Behavioural Enablers

The organisation can only improve if the individuals are improving and growing. Explore the various methodologies and tips to help improve the personal effectiveness of yourself.
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  • Developing a CI Culture
    Learn to build a culture where both leaders and front line workers constantly drive for improvement

  • Auditing Meetings
    Auditing ensures that the meetings operate at a consistent high standard.

  • ProACT Model
    Use the ProACT model to maintain and continually improve performance.

Sustaining Change

Implement the relevant processes to sustain your improvement efforts. Explore the various techniques and tools to enable you always benefit from your improvements and never fall back.
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